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DVDs? [Dec. 25th, 2009|12:59 am]
Vali Myers Appreciation and Information
I've been trying to get 'Death In Port Jackson Hotel' and the other documentaries about Vali Myers on DVD, but without luck. Anyone know where these can be bought (or if they even exist on commercially available DVD)?

From: (Anonymous)
2010-03-06 03:39 am (UTC)


You can buy "The tightrope dancer" and "Painted lady" on DVD from Ruth Cullen:
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[User Picture]From: Kay Walker
2011-01-16 07:38 am (UTC)

Vali Myers artefacts

Outre Gallery in Melbourne, Australia has prints and links to places where other material is available.
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[User Picture]From: padaviya
2012-05-08 02:08 pm (UTC)
Tightrope Dancer & Painted Lady are available directly through Ruth Cullen or the Outre Gallery.

Vali: Witch of Positano is only available on VHS, and you may be able to buy it somewhere online (the original 16mm is lost, so I don't think it will be out on DVD anytime soon).

Vali appeared in Dope, a documentary by the makers of Vali: Witch of Positano (done a few years later), which you can get directly from Flame Schon (formerly Diane Rochlin) -- just google.

Death in Port Jackson Hotel doesn't seem to be available. The Dutch National film board says they have a copy of it, along with Ed Van Der Elskin's other works, and I plan to contact them to see if a DVD can be purchased.

There is apparently also a short film called Vali and Patti, of Vali tattooing Patti Smith's knee, but no one has any information about it.
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